Business bosses back Brexit

One of Burnley's most prominent businessmen is backing Britain to prosper after voting to leave the EU.

Monday, 27th June 2016, 9:37 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:59 pm
Andrew Brown.

Andrew Brown, owner of the hugely successful Crow Wood leisure complex and Woodland Spa was a staunch supporter of the Brexit campaign.

After the referendum result he told the Express:“Like the majority of people I voted to leave the EU.

“I have absolutely no doubt it is the right thing to do. This experiment has failed and will continue to fail. I think other countries will also pull out and the remainder will struggle to flourish.

“I do not believe there will be another Scottish referendum and if there were they would vote to stay with us.

“I voted for the future of my grandsons and the future of my business.

“We have nothing to fear from Brexit and I believe many aspects of our relationship with Europe will continue as before. There will be no financial meltdown and any damage to the pound will be short lived.

“What the country needs now, more than ever before, is an effective opposition. Jeremy Corbyn is a total loser and Labour must get rid of him. Our system of ying and yang with Labour and Tory governments coming and going has served us well, we do not need unelected idiots in Brussels telling us what power our hair dryers can give out.

“Britain has a great future.”

Another leading Burnley business leader, Mark Crabtree of award-winning AMS Neve said: “My business, AMS Neve, is a big exporter over 40 years to 90 countries. Around 20% is to the EU and we exported to them with no problem long before the EC. We will do so equally successfully as an independent trading nation.

“Tariffs are unlikely as they work both ways, and frankly exchange rates make a huge amount more difference than tariffs. We worked successfully with the dollar at near parity to the pound and over $2 to the pound. The Euro has seen large swings in recent times as well. We prefer a lower exchange rate which helps Britain’s exports and is where the Nation’s money comes from.

“The vote has revealed a massive disconnect between the political party system and the electorate – surely ‘democracy’ means we vote for them to tell them what we want them to do, not that we obey instructions under threat to vote the way they want us to.

“In Burnley, we just get on with things and will continue to make a good job of it. I welcome the result.”