Burnley fan Scott Cunliffe discusses what’s next following the completion of his ‘RunAway’ challenge earlier this year

Scott Cunliffe is determined to set new personal targets following the conclusion of running to every away Premier League ground which he completed in May.

By Jon Lomas
Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 9:51 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 10:51 am
Scott Cunliffe
Scott Cunliffe

Scott covered more than 3,000 miles in the 2018/2019 season.

When asked about his next project he explained that, for now, he is concentrating on distributing “the fruits of his labour”.

Scott went on to reveal that: “I didn’t want to fall into the post challenge blues, so I focused on distributing the funds raised.”

Scott raised more than £55,000 for the 19 Premier League clubs he ran to and chose to support 18 Burnley community projects.

He has divided the money equally and is pleased that some of the “away” clubs have matched his contributions to double the support for their named charities.

Scott has spent his working career in charitable organisations and is therefore well placed to involve himself in the charities he has chosen in Burnley.

He has recently attended a football match organised by one of the projects who assist Syrian refugees in the community and is due to visit another charity which provides mental health support in the local area.

Despite admitting that his long away runs sometimes felt like a “mundane job” running continues to be Scott’s passion and he will run “until his legs die”.

His “epic” challenge was both physically and mentally exhausting, but the personal rewards were massive and gave Scott a more positive view of British people.

All the clubs were brilliant but also the fans and everyone he encountered, “restored his faith in humanity”.

So, will Scott be running away again? Absolutely! He plans to run to Burnley’s final away match at Norwich next May. Norwich were promoted last season so it would be a new ground and a completely different route which Scott is looking forward to taking on.

He has also been vocal about the possibility of running to World Cup games but acknowledges that this may prove to be unachievable given that the host nation is Qatar and the political situation in the region means that some boarders are closed, “you can’t really ask a country to open boarders for a charity run!”

Scott has considered the Euro’s and may run to a game held at Wembley but has no firm plan in place.

He wants his next challenge to be as unique as his last and concedes that this may be difficult. “I am open to suggestions” he concluded.