‘Help us help the blind any way you can’

Every 15 minutes someone is told they are going to permanently lose their sight, and by 2020 the number of people living with sight loss in Lancashire is projected to increase to 44,780.
Helping hand: Galloways staff are appealing for help raising £1m extra as 22% more people are going blind in LancashireHelping hand: Galloways staff are appealing for help raising £1m extra as 22% more people are going blind in Lancashire
Helping hand: Galloways staff are appealing for help raising £1m extra as 22% more people are going blind in Lancashire

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in adults, but growing problems of obesity and diabetes, which can cause sight loss, compound the problem.

Charity Galloways, which has centres throughout the county, has decided to increase its support and annual running costs have risen from £800,000 to £1m. in 18 months.

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Stuart Clayton, the charity’s chief executive, said fund-raisers are finding their task increasingly difficult, and are appealing to the people of Lancashire for help.

Staff at Galloways helping a visually impared personStaff at Galloways helping a visually impared person
Staff at Galloways helping a visually impared person

He said: “We decided to invest from our reserves to get services up and running, but over the next year we have to reach a target figure of £1m. to make sure we deliver. If our expenditure exceeds what we have there will be a problem.

“We do get money from renting out offices, from grants and a statutory income, so out of the million we’re looking to raise £600,000 to £700,000 and I’m urging the generous people of Lancashire to support us in any way they can.”

Galloway’s offers services including specialist equipment and advice, a talking newspaper, training, escorted holidays and short trips, outdoor activities and support groups.

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Those who use the charity’s resources say they are a lifeline. Bill Proctor (80) suffers sight loss and is a regular visitor to Galloway’s. He said: “I can’t thank Galloway’s enough for the help they have given me. The staff at Galloway’s are always welcoming and have helped me in so many practical ways.

“They helped me get the right advice when my world was decreasing on a daily basis; they have sorted me out with equipment that helps me to live more independently. It feels like I have been set free.

“Sometimes, it’s not always easy to leave the house – if it’s icy for example, but I know if I give them a call, they are always available if and when I need them.”

Stuart said their work has become even more vital because cuts to local authority and health services mean people face “falling through gaps” for support at the critical point of diagnosis.

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He added: “There is a link between sight loss and reduced wellbeing. Over one-third of older people with sight loss are also living with depression. The provision of emotional and practical support at the right time can help people who are experiencing sight loss to retain their independence and access the support they need.

“Equally, when someone experiences sight loss it is vital for them to have support in their homes and communities. Galloway’s has increased numbers of fully trained staff and is growing the number of trained volunteers to provide this support.

“We are also hoping to get out into the community more and we need demonstration equipment to do this. Specialist equipment can be expensive and we aim to provide more equipment on loan to help individuals with the financial burden.

“We want to be able to promote and expand our talking newspaper service to ensure that visually impaired people have access to information that sighted people take for granted. At present we send out in excess of 55,000 recordings a year but we know there are many people who do not even know about the service.”

Donations can be made by calling 01772 744148, texting GALL25 £(insert chosen amount) to 70070 or emailing [email protected]

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