Burnley school students ready to go 'above and beyond' to help fellow pupils facing mental health challenges

Students at a Burnley school have set up their own mental health charity.

Blessed Trinity RC College has linked up with RJ8, which offers mental health support at the ‘next level’, and has a project called 'children's charity. '

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RJ8 CEO, Rebecca Jane, said: “Our mission is to help children run their own charity, develop projects, pilots and ideas which will combat mental health and illness in young people.

Rebecca Jane, the CEO of RJ8, with students at Blessed Trinity RC College in Burnley who are launching their own mental health charity.

“RJ8 was delighted to welcome Blessed Trinity as a client in 2021. We worked so well together, it seemed like a perfect fit. The support and dedication from management, teachers and pupils has been more than we ever hoped for.

"The project has been fully embraced and the results the children are producing are a clear testimony to the effort being put in.

The children named themselves ‘Above and Beyond’ - to show they are ready, willing and able to make sure they rise above the challenges young people face with mental illness today and help their fellow pupils for generations to come.

Deputy CEO and pupil Yumna Iftikhar said: “I think it’s easier for people to talk to people of their own age about any problems. I think they will feel more comfortable and we can relate to them.”

Pupil Jessica Fay, head of fundraising and accountancy, said: “We understand what people in our school are going through and I think that’s why we can help and relate to them.

“We understand today’s problems, such as social media, and what impact it can have which perhaps the older generation can’t.”