Accommodation rebate for UCLan students in new Burnley halls

As part of its on-going plan to support students during the coronavirus pandemic, the University of Central Lancashire has approved a seven-week rebate for students with a UCLan accommodation contract.

The rebate applies to students who have not returned to the university in compliance with Government advice to stay at home and study on-line as part of the latest national lockdown restrictions.

Students who hold a UCLan accommodation tenancy, which also includes a proportion of those in the UCLan-leased IQ Kopa residence, and the new Burnley-based accommodation at Sandygate, will also receive the rebate.

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In total, the university has in the region of 1,700 places within its halls accommodation, while over 50% of students live at home, choosing to commute into campus when permitted.

UCLan students have been offered a seven week rebate

Other students live in private halls and while the University cannot make rent rebate decisions on their behalf, it has pledged to update students with an understanding of the private provider position.

UCLan Vice-Chancellor Professor Graham Baldwin said: “We fully understand the disruption which the latest national lockdown has created for student accommodation arrangements. We have decided to issue a rent rebate equivalent to seven weeks for all students with a university halls contract who have not made use of their accommodation since the commencement of the national lockdown.”

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As a goodwill gesture UCLan is also offering a free four-week extension to all students with a University accommodation contract, regardless of whether they qualify for the rebate or not. This would extend current tenancy contracts to August 1st 2021 enabling students to complete extended work placement options or take up possible part-time work opportunities.