Review; John Bishop’s Supersonic tour had it all covered!

I didn’t know what to expect when John Bishop took centre stage earlier this month, but the award-winning comedian delivered from beginning to end an utterly hilarious performance.
John Bishop supersonic tourJohn Bishop supersonic tour
John Bishop supersonic tour

The 47-year-old father-of-three, currently on his Supersonic tour, gave numerous insights into his life to a packed audience. And, although he may have had 8,000-plus people in the Leeds First Direct arena in stitches, the Liverpool-born stand-up admitted he struggles to get a laugh out of his wife, Melanie, and sons Joe, Luke and Daniel!

John Bishop is hailed as one of the best talents in the UK today and seems to garner his material from his day-to-day experiences.

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In the first half of his outstanding performance, he dealt with his feelings about married life now his children were leaving home. The audience also heard about John’s loss of a teenage son and gaining a “20-year-old bloke”, something most of the middle-aged audience could relate to, arguments about holiday clothes and welcoming his son’s five friends on holiday with him.

There was also a very funny re-enactment of his chat-up lines from the 1980s that featured a young woman from the audience in a bid to show younger members of the crowd what life was like before Facebook/Twitter/Google!

The second half of the show essentially consisted of John recounting how being on the telly has led to him getting involved in charity initiatives, his luxurious first-class flight to Australia with Emirates and how he is coming to terms with the trappings of fame.

John Bishop’s performance was warm, witty and full of life and certainly had every single member of the audience laughing out loud. It even ended with a penalty shoot-out – demonstrating his life-long love for football.