Stocking filler: Stabilo pens

We all need pens! And the experts at Stabilo have a huge range on offer which are great stocking fillers this Christmas.

Stabilo pens
Stabilo pens

For technology fans, there is the Stabilo Smartball 2.0 which connects the analogue and digital worlds. It doesn’t matter how you hold it, it will still work on Smartphones and tablets and of course paper too!

There are special versions for left and right handers and the pen glides across the paper without scratching.

It’s hard for children to move up to joined up writing, but the Easyergo 1.4 pen is what it says, an easy way to teach youngsters to write and well. This mechanical pencil has a cushioned tip and is especially designed for small hands.


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No sharpening is required and there is a space for you to put your name on too. This product is aimed at children aged 8 upwards and for younger ones from the age of six, there is the Cappi pen. The cap on this pen can’t be lost as its threaded onto the cap ring and the ink never dries out!

The ink is washable too and there are lots of colours to chose from. And finally for the fashion conscious among your family, there is the Stabilio Bionic Wild pen, which is not only a great pen to use, it also comes in stylish animal prints.

Purrfect for Christmas!