Give the Dog a Bone by Darcey the Dachshund and Nicola '˜Milly' Millbank - book review

It might only be October but you'd be barking mad not to snap up this tasty treat as a special Christmas gift for your favourite dog.

Give the Dog a Bone by Darcey the Dachshund and Nicola Milly Millbank
Give the Dog a Bone by Darcey the Dachshund and Nicola Milly Millbank

The experts say you are what you eat… and that applies just as much to our four-legged friends as it does to ourselves.

With that in mind, Nicola ‘Milly’ Millbank, actress, food writer, owner of Darcey the miniature Dachshund and self-confessed dog lover, has put together 40 home-cooked treats, meals and snacks to keep dogs fit, healthy and raring to go.

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Millbank tells us that despite our good intentions to feed our pets the best, it’s difficult to know what exactly goes into their bought treats, so the ideal way to monitor their diet is to make their food at home.

As with every treat, she reminds us, remember to only give them as part of a varied diet and, as most of these recipes can be made from your own leftovers, they are easy to make, fun to prepare with children, and you don’t have to worry about devoting hours of complicated preparation.

All tried and tested on Darcey, these recipes are perfect for long walks, everyday meals, special occasion goodies, training treats and healthy snacks, and include everything from mouth-watering biscuit and home-cooked dinners to birthday cupcakes and jelly popsicles.

What dog could resist peanut butter and banana biscuits, vitamin C-packed baked pineapple and basil rings, healthy blueberry yoghurt iced doughnuts, lip-smacking chicken ‘egg fried rice’ muffins, fibre-rich sweet potato and bacon bites, or the wonderfully named Viktor’s strawberry and cream Valentine kisses?

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With meat, vegetarian and gluten-free recipes – all made with 100 per cent natural ingredients and available in your local supermarket – these are doggy delights and tail-wagging treats that will ensure you and your beloved dog remain best friends forever!

(HQ, hardback, £9.99)