What's your most used emoji?

There are now, apparently, 1,851 emojis to choose from and billions are used every year.

Crying with laughter.
Crying with laughter.

Indeed, 2015’s Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year was the tears of joy emoji. It’s also the UK’s most used, even more than the old-fashioned smiley.

Faces are the most commonly used - anything showing expression via human emotion the most popular, regardless of location or culture.

However, the poo emoji is used the most in Canada, while Arabic-speaking countries use plants more often than anywhere else.

“Around 45 per cent of emoji are happy faces, around 14 per cent are sad faces and a little over 12 per cent relate to hearts of various types, including broken heart," linguistics expert Prof Vyvyan Evans of the University of Bangor told the BBC.

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    "So roughly 70% of emoji usage, sent every day, relates to emotional experience of some kind."