Jesse's high fivers for charities

Jesse McClure, who shot to fame in US reality show Storage Hunters, has won rare polymer five pound notes in the Bank of England's charity auction.

The self-dubbed “Resale King” attended the London auction at Spink and Son to bid on five pound notes with low serial numbers.

Jesse, who made the front page of the Burnley Express last year when he witnessed a daring arrest by Burnley police, told of his love for the town when he visited our office in January.

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At the recent auction, he won lot four, a five pound note carrying the serial number AA000020 and gave £1,200 to charity.

In another lot, he won three five pound notes and gave £800 to charity, including one note which carries the serial number AA000144, to reflect the number of Quest’s Sky channel, 144.

Three charities will benefit from the auction - The Myotubular Trust, The Lily Foundation and Bliss.

Jesse’s new six-part series British Treasure, American Gold will premiere on Quest on Wednesday, October 19th.

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Jesse heads to the UK complete with his 1978 black Pontiac Firebird (named Lilly) to travel the length of the country searching for antiques and collectibles.

He visits stately homes, collectors’ markets and even car boot sales on the hunt for typically British curios and valuable artefacts to send back to his family’s antique business in Los Angeles.

British Treasure, American Gold will premiere on Wednesdays at 8pm.

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