Homegrown art on display at Towneley

A talented Burnley artist is exhibiting her work in the town.
An example of Sophie's workAn example of Sophie's work
An example of Sophie's work

Sophie Gibson, whose work explores consumerism, corporate selling culture and our throwaway society, will be exhibiting at Towneley Hall from March 3rd to May 31st.

She works with collage as well as sculpture, analogue photography and print.

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After graduating from Liverpool John Moores University, Sophie has been working in Burnley making art for almost a decade.

The artist has worked on a variety of community engagement projects and says she is finally thankful to have the opportunity to exhibit her work in the town’s much loved historic venue.

She said: “When I returned home after uni I started by volunteering with young people engaging in arts and crafts. Shortly after I met other artists and began work on various community art projects including ‘the Art Bunker’ as well as exhibiting my own work.

“This is a great opportunity to introduce myself as an artist to the town in such an iconic venue. I’m looking forward to introducing contemporary artwork into the space, I’m especially pleased to be exhibiting in the Edward Stocks Massey gallery and grateful for a grant from the Stock Massey Bequest fund.”