Burnley hosting 'King of Crime' thriller

This year's most modern gangster thriller is currently showing at Reel Cinema in Burnley, with 'King of Crime' exploring the themes of cyber-crime, religious extremism, and the worst 21st century organised lawlessness has to offer.

Telling the story of how gangster Marcus King, the biggest player in British cyber-crime, is forced to delve back into the underworld of crime to settle old scores and pull off the biggest scam of his life with the help of tech-whizz graduate geeks, King of Crime documents an old-school crime lord's move into the 21st century of sophisticated law-breaking.

Having manoeuvred his business into the leafy lanes of the suburbs, King's crime empire is far from the old world of brothels, casinos, and drugs having moved into the far more sinister territory of everything from credit card cloning and skimming to Internet spamming and scamming. But faced with fanaticism and desperate for one final 'out', King has one last game to play.

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"When I read the script for King of Crime I was immediately fascinated by what the film was at its core," said director Matt Gambell. "On the surface, it’s a modern crime-thriller, with a love and awareness of the genre. However, at its core, underneath the hard hitting action, bold conflict and gratuitous violence, it’s very much a character piece.

"I was incredibly lucky to be given the chance to direct a movie like this, and it was an interesting challenge for me," he added. "I was excited to be able to work with such a diverse and experienced cast & crew to help bring both sides of this film to life.

"King of Crime is a movie that sits on so many levels, and the biggest challenge for me was trying to maintain the complexity of the characters and each scene, while also telling an interesting and compelling story overall," Matt continued. "I’m really pleased with the outcome of the film and I’m proud of everyone involved."

King of Crime was shot in the UK and Marbella, Spain and stars the likes of Mark Wingett (The Bill), Claire King (Emmerdale, Coronation Street), Vas Blackwood (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) Jonno Davies (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Rachel Bright (Eastenders), Christopher Ellison (The Sweeney, The Bill), Hainsley Lloyd Bennett (Eastenders), and Nicholas Brendon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer).

It is now showing at Reel.