The Deslondes European tour featuring the Holy Cross Blues album

One of my best experiences was a trip to New Orleans where the music is big, loud and wacky.

The Deslondes
The Deslondes

I can still remember walking through the French Quarter enjoying all the fun of the street music. So when I heard New Orleans based band The Deslondes were on tour, I just had to see if that magic was still there.

The Deslondes describe themselves as a country-meets-Southern –R&B band, rooted partly in the Texas singer/songwriter tradition and partly on the weathered floor of a Louisiana dance hall.

They are certainly cool and their music is good too. Their tour which will head back to the USA after Europe’s done and dusted, also co-incides with the re-release of their album Holy Cross Blues, which was first performed under the band’s original name of The Tumbleweeds.

From songs “I Got Found’’ to “Depression Blues’’, the music is slow, raw and will have you dreaming of a trip down Bourbon Street for real.

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    The Deslondes European tour featuring the Holy Cross Blues album,