Megaman Legacy Collection: A gem in its own right

Get equipped with Megaman Legacy Collection for PS4 and Xbox One. Capcom have put together their famous robo-boy’s adventures and released them in one complete package. If you missed these games the first time round, you have missed out.

Made to make or break even the most experienced gamer, Megaman was a challenge to the core and its success spawned 6 complete adventures all during the 8-bit years of the Nintendo Entertainment System. I loved these games. The iconic designs and names of the robot masters (bosses) and the expertly designed unique themed levels made every game in the series interesting and exciting.

The vindictive Dr Wily continues to be a menace and a potential threat upon the world with his band of merry robots. Dr Light and his home made hero Megaman are the world’s only hope. Unlike most platforming games, Megaman requires you to choose whichever level you want by picking the portrait of that particular robot master. They range from Heatman with his fire and lava themed level, Metalman with his industrial themed level populated by numerous saw blades to the more imaginative Centaurman, Capcom definitely covered all bases.

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Oh the evenings I spent in my bedroom sat with that now relic of a squared controller when all you needed was two buttons and a directional pad. Frustrated and continuously rage quitting as I battled on through the short but tough levels. Enemy placements in the worst places like that ledge you need to hop on but when you do, that enemy homes in on you fast requiring you to use them lightning fast reflexes. These games are not for the faint of heart or your more casual gamer. Not by a long shot.

This remastered collection gives you a bit of an advantage when it comes to Megaman’s combat in the form of a Turbo button. Pressing it shoots three to four shots rapidly at once making bigger enemies less of a hindrance. Even this little enhancement helped me get past some cumbersome foes, bosses still take some hits though and beating them enables Megaman to take their weapon, cool!

These games are at a whole untouched, complete with slowdowns when things get hectic onscreen, respawning enemies when you walk a few foot backwards but these are just some of what helped make these games unique. The main enhancements that Capcom have included in the Legacy Collection is each game has a database which allows you to view all enemies and characters for that game. You can also check out the superb soundtracks or do some tough challenges if you find the main games easy or at least doo-able.

It’s no secret that I love whisking back to my youth when it comes to gaming. Anything retro is right up my street and Capcom have excelled with this gem that is worth every penny. This is the golden age, 8 bits was all it took to make some classics and Megaman one through six remain my favourite platforming games still after all these years.


Six full complete games in one package.

Packed with extras.

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Rage quitting has never been so fun.

Tough and challenging.

Loads of variety.


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8-Bit graphics will put off newer gamers.

No excuse for slowdowns nowadays.


This is a gem in its own rights. Megaman Legacy Collection is Capcom’s way of showing younger gamers the legendary icon that Megaman has now became throughout the years. Watch out though, you will be tested in wits and reflexes. A classic of classics!