Love a man in uniform? Not if you live in Burnley

A cheeky study of Burnley street style by a fashion giant has shot down the myth that all women in the town love a man in uniform.
He may be an officer and a gentleman but only 9% of Burnley women say they prefer a man in uniformHe may be an officer and a gentleman but only 9% of Burnley women say they prefer a man in uniform
He may be an officer and a gentleman but only 9% of Burnley women say they prefer a man in uniform

As fewer than one in 10 women (9%) say the "officer and a gentleman" look is their favourite type of style on man.

The survey was carried out by leading menswear retailer Reem Clothing to put popular trends to the public vote to reveal what gets heads turning.

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They asked men and women what looks they preferred for themselves and added a twist to it by also asking what style they preferred in a potential partner.

One in three Burnley guys say that they find a potential partner most attractive in casual attire.

A staggering 38% of women preferred a man dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt, citing that they were more attracted to a man in a casual style of clothing than any other.

One in five men (19%) opt for a simple polo shirt as their big night out garment of choice (18%) and quite rightly, as 38% of women admitting they are most attracted to a casual style of clothing.

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Colour choices play an important part in picking their outfit, with Burnley lads admitting that they feel most confident wearing blue (35%) or black (29%) but yellow is a no-no with less than 1% opting for it.

When it comes to how Burnley men wear their clothes, 54% admit that they feel most confident when in a slim or straight fit. Which is lucky, as it seems women agree, preferring a slim fit on a man, with 40% saying it was their favourite look.

Around 33% of men in Burnley said that they also preferred women who had a more relaxed look, finding the more casual outfit the most attractive.

However not too casual with, nearly 30% saying joggers or hoodies are off putting when worn by the opposite sex.

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Cheekily, an additional 12% still opted for a woman in uniform, but for the ladies, the wardrobe staple of the "little black dress" still makes them feel most attractive, with one in three women admitting they feel sexiest in black – overwhelmingly their colour of choice at (30%).

But only 3% opted for a tight fit that shows off all their curves.

Simon Cohen, Director at Reem Clothing commented, “We find that these statistics really give us an insight into our target audience and the guys that shop with us.

"At Reem Clothing we are known for our street and pop culture influenced designs and provide a Geordie Shore and Love Island vibe. With this insight, we are able to get the guys dressed right and feeling their most confident at the peak of street style.”

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