Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression: First solo album in four years

During a year when the music world entered collective mourning over the death of David Bowie, the return of his partner in crime is highly welcome.

Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression
Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression

And Iggy's first solo album in four years draws on the spirit - if not the sound - of the masterful records he and the Thin White Duke made together in Berlin.

This time, the original punk has teamed up with Queens Of The Stone Age colossus Josh Homme.

The fried synapse desert sludge rock that drives the album is Homme all over, and provides a fitting sound for Iggy's seen-it-all-done-it-all baritone.

There are brilliant moments - the stoner groove of opener Break Into Your Heart followed by sleazy, strutting single Gardenia kicking things off in style.

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    Lyrically, Iggy is on form, ruminating on his own fame with the refrain, "I've nothing, but my name" on American Valhalla, while the foul-mouthed rant that closes the album would be an apt way for the 68-year-old to sign off from music entirely.

    But while half the record would stand up to Iggy and Homme's past work, the one-paced nature of the album means the impact is lost elsewhere.