Halloween costumes: Fortnite to take Lancashire by storm

A new survey has revealed that the cultural phenomenon that is Fortnite is set to take Halloween by storm, with one in four kids dressing up as characters from the global game which currently attracts 40 million players every month.

Fortnite has been a global hit.
Fortnite has been a global hit.

The study, conducted by voucher aggregation and savings website www.vouchercodes.co.uk/, has demonstrated the universal appeal of the game, which - despite being free - made £250m in a single month earlier this year and has led to 22% of kids gearing up to cosplay their favourite characters.

What is more, when it comes to costumes and kitting out their young ones for Halloween, the average parent in the North West will spend at least £38.80 on their outfit, sweets, and decorations for Halloween this year despite one in four houses likely to turn off the lights and pretend no one is home.

“Halloween is a fantastic time for families to come together, with children dressing up as their favourite heroes and villains from the year," said Anita Naik, Lifestyle Editor at VoucherCodes.

Really embracing the scary mantra of the American holiday, one of the other more popular costumes is set to be Donald Trump, with 18% electing to dress up as the wayward US Tweeter-in-Chief. What is more, despite 25% of people in the North West’s picking clowns as their worst nightmare at Halloween, Pennywise from American author Stephen King's 1986 horror novel It, is also a popular choice.