Gaming: Venom Twin Docking Station

As an Xbox ONE owner there are three things that annoy me about this console, first of all the buzzing sound from the power brick, no USB on the front of the console and lastly the amount of batteries my handset uses.

Well the good news is I have solved one of these issues and that’s the battery usage, venom has produced the Twin Docking Station for the Xbox ONE, which is a great idea and should save me a few bob on batteries.

The kit contains the dock itself, two rechargeable batteries, and a USB cable (to connect to the XO) the dock itself has room for two controllers and comes in a shiny black finish which is similar to the Xbox ONE.

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Charging is simple, you just place the pack in the handset and place it on the dock, the red light at the front comes on and two hours later it’s fully charged (the light goes green when charged)

Right so what if you only own one controller, how do you charge up the other battery? Well you can either wait for two hours whilst it charges up or do what I did and just lay the spare battery on the dock, and it does charge up providing you line up the connections. A simple solution, that works for me.

One issue I had with this set up is once you fit the battery pack into the controller it’s a really tight fit and can be a bit of a struggle getting it off (when you want to change packs) but to be honest it is probably worth investing in another controller just to make life simpler.

Now Venom state that you can get up to 18 hours gameplay on one charge, and personally it really depends on what kind of game you are playing, I realistically squeezed around 9-10 hours out of each charge with moderate to heavy gameplay, but if you have all the vibration functions on then it will be less, either way it’s not bad and better than forking out a fortune for batteries.


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The Venom Twin Docking Station is a no brainer really you can pick one up for around £15 and that’s a bargain in my book, it works well and does the job required of it, not too sure about the 18 hours of gaming claim but it is better than spending a fortune on batteries.

Dock, store and charge.

Rapid recharge cradle for 2 Xbox One® wireless controllers.

Keep controllers fully charged and ready to use.

Supplied with x2 Nimh rechargeable battery packs.

Charges whilst on standby.

Polished black finish to match controllers.

Red LED charge indicators turn to green once controllers are fully charged.

Up to 18 hours gameplay.

Charges via USB cable (included)

Venom twin docking station

Manufacturer: Venom

Price: £15

Usabilty: 5/5

Battery charge: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

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