Gaming: Deadcore

The independent studio 5 Bits Games and BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S. today confirmed that DeadCore will be available for download on PC, Mac and Linux on October 17th, 2014.

DeadCore is a Platformer-FPS combining exploration and speedrun tactics. Become immersed in a futuristic and dreamlike adventure which will see you climb a huge Tower - a Tower that has appeared out of nowhere - and truly put your capabilities to the test. Will you be able to reveal the secrets that lie beneath this fog-ridden world?

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You wake up in a desolated world after an endless fall through magnetic storms. Guided by your instinct, you start exploring this void surrounded place and you soon have to face new questions as cryptic messages appear along your way. After the few first obstacles, you discover the “SwitchGun”, a half-tool half-weapon hybrid object. You realize you can now interact with some elements of your surroundings thanks to it.

The first thing you do is open a gigantic door. And then you see it: the Tower.You don’t know why nor how but you do know one thing: all of your questions will be answered once you reach the top of the Tower.

So you set off for a dangerous journey, scattered with hazards, gaps to cross, mechanisms to activate, and foes to defeat in order to lift the veil on the mystery of this colossal structure, that seems frozen in the expectation of some particular event.


Optimize your trajectories. Challenge gravity. Control your movements in the air, combine double jumps and dashes to overcome ever tougher platform action!

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Fight the system. Armed with your SwitchGun, be quick and accurate to briefly disable the various robots protecting the Tower and finally reach its summit take advantage of environments.

The SwitchGun also allows you activate or disable many elements of the tower: switches, doors, jumpers, magnetic platforms, etc.

There are numerous paths and it’s up to you to choose your own way.

Challenge time. Maximize your route, discover secret passages to top the online leaderboards whilst avoiding getting disintegrated by the Tower cleaning system.

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