Gaming: Das Tal

Das Tal is one of the most hotly anticipated Player-vs-Player MMORPGs preparing to be unleashed upon the world’s gamers.

This is your chance to bring Fairytale Distillery’s fantastical universe to Steam! Packed with blood-pumping online combat in a dark fantasy world full of the strangest characters – thanks to the incredible levels of customisation, and freedom of player development – the Munich-based developers’ magnum opus is already 80% of the way to gaining its Steam Greenlight. 

Sandbox MMORPG fans have been following the evolution of Das Tal carefully for a long time now, and a new developer video at shows just how rich the world is becoming. As players now explore the world, teaming up or taking on other players all over the world, they can now hide in the undergrowth, listen out for all-new ambient sound effects (are those the footsteps of a friend or a foe?), and take advantage of a whole new swathe of abilities and weapons.

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Das-Tal is ever-closer to being unleashed on our world, but if you have access to Steam and want to join the world yourself, just head on over to and support the last push forward to the game’s completion!

Das Tal is a fast-paced Sandbox MMORPG that focuses on player interaction. Full Loot and Open PvP create a game of risk vs. reward where you weigh up your options before engaging others. PvP is never restricted but cooperation is always rewarded. Each world is unique in its feature set and geography - and you pick those features! Time-boxed servers create winners and losers and allow you to regularly start anew. A class-less character system allows you to shape your character to fit your playstyle. You fight for resources to craft your equipment and construct your settlement. PvP combat is 100 percent skill-based, common and quick to be found. Both small-scale raids and large-scale sieges are available for all players at any time.

Alex wanted to make this game since he started playing Ultima Online in 1999. 2009 he co-founded his first game dev studio and learned a lot about making games. This is when he met Sebi at some game jam or something. In the spring of 2013 they started working on Das Tal, slowly picking up team members as they went. After about one year of pre-production you’re here and you can now see what we’ve created so far.


A True Sandbox MMORPG

Open PvP and Full Loot

Custom, time-boxed Worlds

Limited Grind: Compatible with Real Life

Player Settlements and Sieges

Resource Warfare and Player-Driven Economy

Fast-Paced, Player-Skill-Driven Combat

Flexible Character Development

Open Development

Check it out now to see why you should join in to aid that final push to 100% which will see gamers all over the world getting in on the action:

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