Game Review: SC-1 Sports controller

IN the world of third party manufactured controllers, Gioteck stand out from the crowd.

They are always trying their best to make gaming easier and better for players with their wide assortment of differently designed controllers. Their newest design however tops them all, introducing the SC-1 Sports controller for the PlayStation 3, its features haven’t changed much since the GC-2 but the overall look and feel of the controller is by far the best I’ve ever seen.

The SC-1 Sports controller looks fantastic taking on a red, black and grey colour scheme which makes the SC-1 feel like a serious gamers controller just by looking at it. There is red underneath the analog sticks too which adds to the brilliant look of this controller with metallic trims around the outside.

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The handles of the SC-1 Sports controller shows off a kind of racing stripes look with two grey stripes across each handle giving the SC-1 Sports its sports name. There’s no mistaking it that this controller looks amazingly cool.

To hold, this controller feels nice to hold as the plastic sheen facia has been substituted for an all-around matte rubber material similar to the Nintendo DSi which adds grip and eliminates sweat.

The analog sticks are offset identical to the Xbox 360 controller; this makes first person shooters easier to play and makes the PlayStation 3 more accessible to Xbox 360 veterans.

Redesigned shoulder buttons representing the L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons have been changed to feel more sensitive and sleeker and the R2 and L2 buttons have been turned into triggers. The PS3 dual shock controllers have never had a nice feel to them with regards to the shoulder buttons so the new designed ones are extremely welcome.

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The SC-1 Sports controller accommodates for the clumsy ones too as it is strong tough and durable although try and keep that gamer rage in tow as I don’t think it is designed to withstand getting thrown at the walls.

The SC-1 Sports controller boasts a turbo button which can be used to repeatedly press a single button so you don’t have too and the newly added feature of two little red buttons at the bottom of the controller. These are called the F buttons and can be fully programmed to activate any button combination you desire. For example, Street Fighter IV’s Ryu has a Fireball attack which is activated by pressing the analog stick in a quarter circle motion and a punch button, this combination can be programmed into an F button so the fireball can be utilized at will. It works superbly and helped me massively when playing Mortal Kombat as it allowed me to programme my player’s fatality button combinations.

The d-pad, start, select and home buttons are all there too in their correct positions and the analog sticks have a sensitivity toggle function by turning them. The SC-1 Sports controller itself comes with its wireless dongle required to sync it to your PS3 system and a charging cable, oh yeah did I mention the SC-1 fully charged holds up to 25 hours of gameplay? Woah!


Gioteck`s latest is a superb one with the newly added F buttons making games that require button combination presses a doddle.

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Its immense battery life and sleek cool design and feel are more than enough to go buy one. This baby is my new PS3 primary controller putting my dual shock 3 and the GC-2 on the back burner. With the SC-1 Sports controller, Gioteck shows us that you don’t need pretty flashing lights to look badass.

Programmable buttons (F1 & F2) – Enables users to set-up complex manoeuvres so you can score that essential goal or touchdown at the flick of a button

Sensitivity adjustment – High end, professional standard thumbsticks deliver four levels of sensitivity for more accurate and responsive gameplay

Offset rubber thumbsticks – Notched at 90o for ‘second nature’ directional accuracy familiar to Xbox 360 owners, rubber for reduced slippage during intense gaming sessions

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Ergonomically designed – For the utmost comfort during hours of gameplay with cut-out shoulders and shallow body to enhance gameplay

Pressure sensitive action buttons – Delivering superior sensitivity for responsive gameplay

Superior bumpers – Using state-of-the-art technology for optimal spring loaded feedback

Vibration feedback – Feel every slam, crash and tackle with the rumble feedback

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Auto powersave – To conserve energy the auto powersave feature shuts down your controller after 10 minutes of inactivity

Front facing LED feedback – Easy to view battery indication via LED

2.4Ghz wireless connectivity – Fully compatible with PS3 USB controller 3rd party specification using RF technology and utilising a USB dongle.

Price: £ 29.00

Usability – 4/5

Comfort – 5/5

Value for money – 5/5

Overall – 5/5