Game review: Geometry wars 3: Dimensions

I must admit I haven`t played the game Geometry wars before, so when I received a copy of Geometry wars 3: Dimensions I couldn`t compare it to the first two, and to be honest after a weekend of playing this I now want to get hold of the previous versions because if they are as good as this then I am in for a treat.

Geometry wars, originated as a mini game in Project Gotham racing, and has evolved into a brilliant all out challenging game, full of flashing lights, loud music and intense gameplay.

If you are the kind of person who gets wound up whilst playing games then for your own peace of mind (and your controller’s wellbeing) I would avoid this one.

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Geometry wars 3: Dimensions can be as frustrating as it is addictive, the object of the game is to survive as long as possible whilst destroying as many enemies as you can, and believe me this is no easy task.

Each level consists of different 3D shapes that you fly around in your little ship (reminds me of asteroids from years ago)controls are simple just use the left analogue stick for movement and the right for firing.

Gameplay is mental, your tiny little ship is bombarded with enemies out to destroy you and you have no time to sit back and relax with this, it’s all or nothing and if you do screw up then it’s back to the beginning.

The controls are incredibly responsive and they have to be because you spend the entire game ducking and weaving as the onslaught gets more intense with each level.

The core mode of the game is Adventure, which has 50 different levels and believe it or not each one is different, you very rarely feel like you have played a similar level before and that makes for a great game.

There is a three star ranking system which gives the game endless re-playability and with an on-line scoreboard you can prove to your friends how good you are.

There are boss battles and challenges especially the sniper mode that limits your ammo and is all about accuracy.

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There are other modes as well including classic mode which is basically the last version.

The graphics are superb, bright and colourful and it looks great on the Xbox one, the music can get irritating after a while but fortunately that can be turned off in the options menu.


Geometry wars 3: Dimensions is the perfect game it`s challenging, frustrating, colourful and addictive, you will want to bang your head with frustration at times, yet the rewards for finally getting past a level are what makes playing Geometry wars 3: Dimensions a real joy.

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Geometry wars 3: Dimensions

Developers: Bizzare Creations

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Xbox ONE

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Xbox 360


Genre: Multi directional shooter

Release date: 2nd December 2014

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Gameplay: 5/5

Graphics: 5/5

Overall: 5/5