From anarchy to Dancing Queen: a double bill of harmonies at The Grand

Standby for a little light-hearted chaos when the Spooky Men’s Chorale roll into Clitheroe on Wednesday.
Spookey Men's Chorale are performing at The Grand in Clitheroe. (s)Spookey Men's Chorale are performing at The Grand in Clitheroe. (s)
Spookey Men's Chorale are performing at The Grand in Clitheroe. (s)

As loud as a herd of charging wildebeest, and as berserk as a coach load of Spike Milligan fans, Spooky Men’s Chorale are masters of the absurd.

And when the black-clad, Australian 16-piece choir took their harmonies to the streets at a British folk festival, they paraded 600 novice singers through the centre of the town, bringing traffic to a grinding halt.

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Having toured the length and breadth of Australia and the UK, The Spooky Men’s Chorale can’t wait to make their debut performance in the Ribble Valley.

Chorale leader, Stephen Tabberner said: “We love coming to Britain, it is such an awesome place to play.

“We’ve never seen Clitheroe, or visited that part of the world, so we are lining up a massive show at the Grand with a few mighty surprises.”

The Spooky men sing Georgian-inspired songs and harmonies, with a touch of zany humour and anarchic behaviour thrown in to their bubbling pot.

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And they will also give Clitheroe their hilarious and high camp take on how hard it is to be a modern man.

It is all truly bonkers, of course, veering from the infantile to the touching, but a show not to be missed.

Supergroup Abba were one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of pop music.

Agnetha, Bjorn, Benni and Anni-Frid, ruled the airwaves with monster hits SOS, Money, Money, Money, Dancing Queen and Super Trouper.

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And 45 years since they won the Eurovision Song Contest with their timeless tune Waterloo, their music remains as popular as ever.

Abba’s worldwide success also spurned many tribute bands, including Abba Forever.

The British copyists are recognised as one of the best live recreations of Abba live in concert.

They have recently returned home following a triumphant sell-out tour of Sweden, the original Abba’s homeland.

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This is a show packed full of dazzling costumes, exuberance, and most of all pure nostalgia, transporting the audience back to the seventies when Abba topped the hit parade.

Abba Forever, July 20, box office 01200 421599,

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