EP review: S T I C K € R S; ALL HAIL HYENA!

Ever since I first interviewed Jay Stansfield, vocalist of ALL HAIL HYENA!, the band has flaunted a strong punk ethos of challenging genre and industry norms and celebrating raw, organic rock.

Since then, the trio has flirted with a slickness achieved in production.

The band’s EP, S T I C K € R S, cuts a delicious equilibrium of polished melodies punctuated by wild math rock to capture intense feelings like wonder, desire and release: firings of attitude; frenzied guitar licks; and euphoric rhythms breaking into crazed beats.

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Thematically and musically, this intricate EP questions and breaks truths. We see this lyrically in Sabbathtian, a track about space exploration questioning the thoroughness of the moon landing, and in Debbie Loves Her Neighbours, which depicts, Jay said, “a nasty piece of work” presenting a veneer of niceties.

This eclecticism in subject matter and structure has allowed the band to retain its raw punk edge to shred up genre norms. Through sweet math rock structures – complex guitar-based rhythms – the band has created a sound straddled between harmony and authenticity.

S T I C K € R S will be released on Saturday, April 8th while the first single, Man Up, will be launched on Saturday, February 25th at a special gig with ex-Cardiacs keyboard-player Bob Drake, plus Condor Moments and Bonanza Tungsten Ladies.

Fans can sign up to the All Hail Hyena Fan Cub to receive a free badge, certificate, membership card and glass of champagne.

The gig will take place at The Ferret, 55 Fylde Road, Preston, from 8pm to 2am.

Book at See Tickets for £5.

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