Christmas toy reviews

Christmas ultimately means lots of new toys on offer for us all to drool over and it can be a difficult task trying to sift out the best ones for your children.

Creative ones which see an end result are always popular. Harry Potter fans will shout magic when they try out the Harry Potter Patronus Luminart ( £24.99,

Powered by USB or battery, the artwork features the famous wizard’s iconic stag Patronus as first revealed in The Prisoner of Azaban.

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It was conjured up to help defend against the Dementors. The luminart is a fabulous light up canvas, which measures 20 cm x 30 cm and can be free standing or wall mounted. Check out for more insight.

Hama BeadsHama Beads
Hama Beads

Ruaridh (10) and Flossie (8) had great fun trying out the Chocolate Sprinkle Stix (£21.99, and I had even more fun clearing up afterwards!

Easy to use, all you have to do is add breadsticks, chocolate and sprinkles and once you have melted the chocolate in the stix and dipped in the breadsticks, it is time to add the sprinkles and hey ho you have a nice tasty treat which is easy to eat and delicious too.

Artists in the family will enjoy the Paint Sation On The Go (from £14.99, What a nifty idea this is. The stackable and gravity-defying paint pod range allows children to paint without causing any mess, anywhere and anytime!

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The range provides the perfect washable and no spillage play for budding artists everywhere and it is designed so you can use it on the go.

Paint Station on the goPaint Station on the go
Paint Station on the go

There are three different coloured paint pods in blue, yellow and red and a special on the go travel case, which has paint brushes and paper to help you along.

Each pod creates more than 100 paintings and can be stacked together or placed securely in the travel case and there is also an extra space for when you want to change colours.

It is fun to make things too and the Hama Beads selection is a great way of being creative. The Hama jewellery activity box and the striped beads activity box (£14.99 each, are a fun way to create your own stylish look. With 2,400 beads per box, youngsters will be spoilt for choice and can let their imaginations go wild!

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