BAND PROFILE: Complete Control

Complete Control started out life 15 years ago as a Nirvana tribute band called Penny Royal.

Complete Control
Complete Control

Over the years band members came and went as did the Nirvana songs, giving way to punk and Oi! with a couple of name changes - including Full English - thrown in for good measure.

Now Complete Control, their live shows are punk at its raw, ferocious best.

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Members: Vinny, Shez, Stuart and Cookie.

Formed: 2002.

Influences/style: Punk and our own style of playing and singing with tons of experience from years of gigging .

Three tracks you would never drop from the setlist: God Save The Queen, Alternative Ulster and our adopted anthem England Belongs To Me .

Most memorable gig/venue: There have been many many gigs over the years, probably well over a thousand. The stand out ones though are probably the annual Never Mind The Bollox gigs at The Talbot in Burnley, our gig at the Morecombe punk festival and headlining at The Grand where we recorded the gig and put it on a CD.

Future plans: Not sure what the future holds, although Complete Control will never be far away.

Next three gigs:

14/04/17 - The Rose and Bowl, Stacksteads.

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16/04/17 - The Talbot, Burnley.

22/04/17 - Into The Valley punk weekend at The Grand, Clitheroe.