Teams have a ball at rounders festival!

England rounded up three squads to take part in the Burnley Rounders Festival for the second year running.

Sunday, 18th June 2017, 10:00 am

Internationals from the nation’s senior squad headed to the North West, alongside players from the Under 19 and Under 16 teams.

The festival took place at the Prairie Sports Village and saw four teams from the Burnley League – Pendle Forest, Oddballs, Burnley Leisure and Scared Hitless – take on the England squads in a series of competitive games.

After the coaching sessions, the England Under 16 squad were split into two teams, and the teams got down to business.

The final scores were: England U16A 10.5, Scared Hitless 5; England U19 6.5, Scared Hitless 6; England U16B 2.5, Oddballs 7; England U16B 10.5, Pendle Forest 1.5; England U16B 9.3, Scared Hitless 3; England U16A 7.5, Scared Hitless 7.5; England U19 7, Oddballs 3; England Senior 10, Oddballs 2; England U16A 4.5, Burnley Leisure 4.5; England U19 5, Burnley 5; England Senior 10.5, Burnley Leisure 2; England U19 7.5, Pendle Forest 3; England 18.5, Scared Hitless 1; England U16A 8, Pendle Forest 3; England U16B 1.5, Burnley Leisure 6; England Senior 17, Pendle Forest 1.5.

The Most Valuable Player winners were: England Senior: Mel Mumford; England U19: Lizzy Beaver; England U16A: Millie Kirby; England U16B: Molly Dart; Pendle Forest: Amy Trickett; Oddballs: Hayley Walsh; Burnley Leisure: Louise Cardwell; Scared Hitless: Donna Salter-Goldie.