Major work on Brierfield road/rail links

Major work on both road and rail links in Brierfield has seen one of the town’s main thoroughfares closed – but it should be open by the end of next week.
Rail work at Brierfield Station 2Rail work at Brierfield Station 2
Rail work at Brierfield Station 2

And although the town’s signal box has been removed, it has now been revealed it is going to be rebuilt just across the railway and close to Northlight – which used to Brierfield Mills – thanks to its recreators, PEARL.

Now that the signal box is not used by the railway company, big changes are being made to the rail crossing which is covered by the trains and traffic on Railway Street and Clitheroe Road.

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But the roads are also being sorted – they are both being resurfaced, and that affects traffic from the centre of Brierfield to quite a long way down the road near the canal.

The work on the crossing is being carried out for Network Rail, who run the tracks, by Bam Nuttall Ltd. They have been doing a lot of work around the area and since May have had a base next to Northlight on Glen Way.

They could not carry on with the project initially because the fact that the signal box was historical and needed to be protected was raised.

It has now been removed carefully and soon it will reappear on the other side of the rail line and the main road, opposite the Railway Hotel on Glen Way ..

Trains have been running on weekdays but cannot run at weekends. But a week today the whole thing should be completed and the roads re-opened.