LETTER: Colne library beat Google in ‘skylark’ history query!

On the recent Antiques Road show which came from Bolton Abbey, one of the items displayed was a small highly polished wooden box. It was about the size of a two-litre tub of ice cream, and had a door at the rear and a grill at the front.

The expert was not able to identify it, so the owner told him it was used to transport pet skylarks to singing competitions, which were held in Colne and Barnoldswick.

I was intrigued and wanting to know more, I switched on my computer and Googled in “Skylarks’ Singing Competitions - Lancashire”. I was taken to about 200 websites all with Skylark in their title but not a single one had any information about the competitions.

In the past, Colne Library has helped me when researching projects and, once again, they came up trumps. In less time than it would take a skylark to reach full song, back came the answer to my email. Yes, we have the information you want. Well done Colne library, you beat Google.

In thanking Christine Bradley and her colleagues, I must add I hope that when discussing cutbacks, the powers that be realise what a wonderful asset library staff are to the community.


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