Wins against the Big Six are “fan results”, says Burnley boss Sean Dyche ahead of trip to Chelsea

Victory at Stamford Bridge against defending champions Chelsea on the opening day of the 2017/18 season stands out as one of THE results of Sean Dyche’s nine-year reign.
Sean Dyche salutes the Burnley fans after the win at Chelsea in 2017Sean Dyche salutes the Burnley fans after the win at Chelsea in 2017
Sean Dyche salutes the Burnley fans after the win at Chelsea in 2017

Supporters will never forget that seismic 3-2 success, that kickstarted a season which resulted in Europa League qualification, nor the 2-0 triumph at Old Trafford in January last year, or - despite the empty stands - the 1-0 wins at Arsenal and Liverpool last season.

Burnley go in search of another memorable occasion against the European champions tomorrow, but, come what may, Dyche feels the headline results are more for the fans - he gets more out of the wins that mattered, with the win over Wigan to seal a first promotion to the Premier League in 2014 remaining a highlight.

Dyche said: “I think they’re fan results.

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”For me, I prefer winning promotions, but they’re definitely huge results for the supporters.

”Don’t get me wrong, those wins are still big for everyone at the club, but less so than they are for the fans.

”Winning the first game of the season at Chelsea, when no-one gave us a prayer, winning at Liverpool last season when they were on a magnificent run of games, they add something to the story here.

“For me, there are wins that have meant more, but as one-offs for the fans they’re great, especially when you’re classed as one of the smaller clubs.

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”I think then, it does become a badge of honour for the fans.”

However, that unlikely win at Chelsea four years ago was one which Dyche visibly enjoyed, showing more emotion than usual as he walked past Antonio Conte and punched the air in the direction of the away support.

He smiled: (You enjoyed the win at Chelsea?) Yeah, I went absolutely mental there, with that raised fist!”

That was a result Dyche felt was coming before the day, with his players believing it was possible, and he looked back: “It was a very good result, you have to perform well and sometimes you need things to go for you, and that day a couple of big decisions went our way, they were correct decisions, but they still had to go our way

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“We did perform very well and we ended up with a deserved win, even with the odd circumstances

”It did give us a platform to keep building, but I think this season the platform is already there, it is adding to the detail that we have been talking about.

”We did that very well against Brentford, but with all due respect they are not a Chelsea, even if they delivered a very strong performance against Chelsea.

”The marker we look to give to any game is our performance.”

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Chelsea, as Champions League winners, now top the Premier League table under Thomas Tuchel, and despite the array of stars, their success is built on a miserly defence which has only conceded three goals in 10 games: “Yes, there’s obviously a strong defensive format there. He’s working with good players and they obviously have a good understanding of their strengths, both in terms of going forward, and defending.”