What Sean Dyche had to say after Ashley Barnes' latest milestone

Clarets striker Ashley Barnes hit his 30th Premier League goal in Saturday's 3-1 win at Bournemouth.
Ashley Barnes tries to force the ball in at Bournemouth on SaturdayAshley Barnes tries to force the ball in at Bournemouth on Saturday
Ashley Barnes tries to force the ball in at Bournemouth on Saturday

And Sean Dyche believes his first cash signing is a great example of how players have developed under his tutelage, and grown to prosper in the top flight.

Barnes' strike rate bears comparison with strikers of a similar ilk over the last decade or so in the Premier League.

His 30 goals to date have come in 130 appearances.

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Glenn Murray, still going strong with Brighton, has 34 in 117, while former Claret Charlie Austin boasts 34 in 104.

Rickie Lambert netted 31 in 120 to earn England recognition and a move to Liverpool, while Grant Holt had a productive spell with Norwich City, scoring 24 in 80 appearances.

Salomon Rondon, currently on loan at Newcastle United from West Brom, has 33 in 135.

Both Barnes and strike partner Chris Wood have hit double figures for the second-successive season in all competitions.

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Barnes reached 10 for the first time in a Premier League season on Saturday, having hit nine last year, and 10 in total.

While Wood, who got 10 last season, and 11 in all competitions, is now on 8, with another three in the cups.

Wood leapfrogged Sam Vokes into second place in the club's top Premier League scorers list with 18 in the process, and has 19 in the top flight in total, from 66 appearances - a hugely impressive strike rate.

Dyche said, on Barnes: "People have questioned not just him, but a few of our players.

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"But our record of developing players is very strong, and I think he's a fine player - a lot of our players are very good players.

"They are developing into the kind of Premier League players who can understand it and make sense of it.

"You have to realise that, even as a manager, because you can't do what we have done from game 19 to now, without them growing into the Premier League.

"All those experiences prior to that are very important.

"The calmness we showed at Bournemouth - you can coach, manage, look after players and get them ready, but it's almost a subliminal learning that time after time you go out there in the Premier League and become more attuned to it, and become more calm.

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"I think that's grown in us, and I think continues to grow, and it has to, because nothing is done.

"But since Christmas, there's been a real strong sense of that maturity in the Premier League, but we do need it to continue."

Barnes has surprised many with the way he has adapted to the Premier League, and Dyche added: "I think that belief in yourself is very important.

"It's not just about the team, although the team is obviously important, but that belief grows.

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"The higher you play at, the longer you play there, it assures you.

"The workplace is just the same. You step into a higher level, and at first you think 'oh, I'm not sure'.

"And as you grow more confident, it all seems to fit a bit better, and you get to the place where it all actually fits, and you think 'actually, I'm all right with this'.

"I speak to loads of people in business about growth and the belief in people and how they work, confidence levels and all of that, and it's similar, but different in football.

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"The only thing in the office is you haven't got 20,000 people shouting stuff at you!

"Our players continue to mature into the Premier League, I've been really pleased with that and so should they be.

"But we still have plenty of work to do."