We need to improve all over the pitch - Eddie Howe

EDDIE Howe feels there is much to work on in the international break after his side’s 3-1 defeat at Ashton Gate.

While the defence continues to be the main area of concern, with one clean sheet in 31 games, Howe accepts all the departments need looking at ahead of the visit of Leeds a week on Saturday.

Burnley dropped to 19th after the Robins recorded their first home win of the season, and Howe said: “We created enough in the game and we had a lot of possession, especially in the first half, and felt very in control of the game, but ultimately goals will decide games and we conceded three poor ones.

“We need to improve all over the pitch but defensively is the main area of concern for us.”

After winning successive league games before the last international break, the Clarets then lost two, won two and have lost two again, and Howe admits his side are hot and cold.

He said: “It’s not ideal for us, we want to try to build a run and some consistency. It’s not ideal when you’re up and you’re down.

“I thought at times we played some really good football, but ultimately I don’t think we were penetrative enough with our passing at times.

“I felt we were one pass away from cutting Bristol City open at times. We did create enough chances to score more goals, but we conceded a lot of chances as well, and that’s the worry.”

Ross Wallace scored for the fourth straight league game, but it proved a mere consolation.


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Howe said: “Ross popped up again with a goal and at a good time for us just after half-time.

“We had the momentum and the balance of power shifted in our favour – it’s just a shame that their second goal knocked the stuffing out of us.

“I felt we had the momentum and we were well on top at that stage. We were pinning them back in their half, and they were reduced to counter-attacks.

“The last two goals came from counter-attacks and it’s tough to take, but that’s what we have to do and make sure we bounce back against Leeds.


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“We knew Bristol City had pace in their side, especially in the wide areas and up front.

“I thought for long periods in the game we did deal with the threat.

“Most of their chances came from our mistakes.

“We keep saying it, but clean sheets are going to be the foundation of our success, so that’s the area we need to pin all our work on. When you analyse the goals like we have done already, they’re really soft.


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“They’re avoidable – not just once but twice, three times.

“As we’re going through them, there’s a catalogue of errors.

“Of course, ultimately, I take responsibility for that, but we have to do better. Collectively, as a group, we have to do better.

“There is a snowball effect where we didn’t do our jobs.


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“They are simple goals to stop. They’re not fundamental problems but it’s people switching off and losing concentration, and we’re continually getting punished for it. We have to improve.”