Sir Alex’s praise for Dyche

Clarets boss Sean Dyche came in for praise from none other than grandmaster Sir Alex Ferguson this week.
Sir Alex Ferguson has praised Burnley boss Sean DycheSir Alex Ferguson has praised Burnley boss Sean Dyche
Sir Alex Ferguson has praised Burnley boss Sean Dyche

And Dyche admits that he enjoys a good relationship with the Manchester United legend, regularly picking his brains to draw on his vast experience.

The Scot was asked on an interview with MUTV whether he still received phone calls from managers asking for advice, and Ferguson said: “One or two, not many.

“I think they probably think I’m dead! I’m in the past!

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“I had a chat with Sean Dyche – he phoned me not so long ago. I think he is one of the promising managers in the game.

“The job he has done at Burnley has been fantastic.

“I like to see young people do well.”

And Dyche said: “I have been speaking to Sir Alex on and off for a while, for a few years.

“Me and Malky (Mackay) came into contact with him when we were at Watford.

“He has always got time for you. I remember our Youth Cup game down there and at half-time I had 15-20 minutes with him chatting about how I was finding it and living in the area.

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“There are a number of people I speak to and he is one of them. He is obviously a very important figure and always gives you really good, honest, helpful advice - no holes barred reality as he sees it and he has been very good to me like that.”

Dyche has spoken before of trusted figures within the game he turns to for advice, and Ferguson is only too willing to help: “More of less whenever I’ve needed it he has answered the call.

“There are certain people in the game you gravitate towards for an opinion. I am aware that you need that and he is one of them and he has been very helpful for me and honest with any view I have asked him about.

“As you can imagine he doesn’t beat about the bush.

“Sometimes I touch on any different challenges.

“He has experienced virtually everything in the football world and I ask him advice and pick his brains.

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“He was like that when he was active as well, not just because he has retired.

“When he was manager he always took a phone call and always gave you sound advice.”

To be spoken of in such terms by Ferguson is flattering, as Dyche said: “It’s great that he thinks, or hopefully anyway, that I talk a bit of sense and try and get the best out of what we have.

“He had to do that himself many moons ago. It wasn’t an easy pathway and I don’t think there is one in football management to be honest.

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“But I also speak to Darren ( Ferguson). Me and Darren get on well and have done for a number of years.

“He almost signed for Forest as a kid when I was there so we have known each other for a long time.

“It became disconnected in the middle but since we have become managers I have stayed in touch with Darren on and off.

“I like Darren a lot and get on well.”