Sean Dyche not concerned by media scare stories on Burnley's finances

Sean Dyche insists he remains on the same page as chairman Alan Pace as regards the direction of the club.
Sean DycheSean Dyche
Sean Dyche

And he is taking little interest in a number of scare stories in the National media as regards the Turf Moor finances.

On Wednesday, Pace refuted claims of late payments to former owners Mike Garlick and John Banaskiewicz, saying, in a joint statement released by the three of them: “We would like to confirm that every payment required as per the terms has been made on-time and in full, the future payment schedule remains in order and all parties have no concerns over the structure or the compliance to those terms.

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“Our relationship is a part of a multi-year plan and we look forward to it continuing in a strong, positive manner.”

The speculation raised doubts over how the club was planning to source income, with a significant TV rights fee due this month, while Chris Wood was sold, against the club's wishes after Newcastle United triggered a buy out clause of £25m.

There were further claims that ALK Capital are looking for new investors or even potential buyers, but Dyche shrugged off the speculation.

Dyche and Pace have been, since the takeover was completed last January, on the same page, with the manager saying after signing his new contract in September: "I am pleased that he aligns with me, or I align with him, whichever way you look at it."

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And on the reports in the national media, Dyche said: "There's not (concern) for me, purely because I've been involved with the media for 10 years, so I know thousands of stories that have zero beginning point, but I'm equally aware these stories come around.

"If there are some facts I have to concern myself with, and I know it's a fact, that's a different ball game, but until I know it's a fact, I tend not to bother about those type of stories.

"I've got no reason to doubt the messages that have been put out into the bigger picture of Burnley Football Club (by Alan Pace) because they have been messages to myself, about wanting to build something, it will take time, and I hope I've relayed that story as well - I think the club want to branch out a little harder and faster than it was, but not opening up huge amounts of money everywhere.

"I think I've made that clear, that's a message we've shared, from Alan in particular - this is what we're trying to do, a feel of what we're trying to do, a show of getting the players in that we did in the summer, a bit of balance from the fact we got a few quid in from players going out, but still more investment than previous seasons.

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"But equally, still looking to work the right way, stretching it rather than rip it all to bits and change it.

"It's an ongoing challenge, there's no two ways about it."

He added, on the business side of things: "It is not my world, the deals that are in place and the paperwork, I don’t oversee that.

"I trust in what they are telling me, I trust in what the club are trying to achieve and I trust in the deals that have been done.

"My job is to concentrate on the football side of things although I do have a say in other things.

"We leave them to get on with the business and let them get on with the football."