Sean Dyche eager to reinforce his Burnley side in the summer, but not expecting "radical change"

Sean Dyche doesn't expect "radical change" in the summer transfer window, but is determined to bolster his side and squad.

Sean Dyche
Sean Dyche

Dyche and new chairman Alan Pace are on the same page in terms of looking for evolution rather than revolution, to look to build after a number of somewhat stagnant years in the market.

The Clarets boss doesn't expect his traditionally small squad - smaller this season after a failure to replace those who left last summer - to be as stretched with injuries, after a testing year with a condensed games schedule.

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But he knows he needs to freshen things up, to help push the players already at the club.

Dyche always had faith his players would give a good account of themselves, even after a hugely disappointing summer transfer window, which saw only one outfield player come in, in Dale Stephens for a fee of less than £1m.

And he said, looking at plans for the summer: "We would like to think the season schedule will be different - injuries across the Premier League have been higher.

"The game schedule has played its part in that, and there will be changes next season.

"I know it will be a slightly more condensed season, but probably not as many changes, and you would expect therefore players to stay fit.

"We lost players last season, so I did say about needing to reinforce, but when we have a fully fit group we can be very competitive. I think we have shown that.

"If we can find the right players who can fit, and they are the right price and the right wages, that won't change - it won't be a radical change.

"I think the chairman wants to evolve, rather than rip it all up and move it forward by putting hundreds of millions in in one go

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"I think it will be layering up and what can we add and how productive can we be to keep reinforcing the side.

"And add a freshness that can rub off on other players so I think that will be important."