Sean Dyche among top Premier League managers in terms of improvement of squad value

In terms of current Premier League managers, only Sheffield United's Chris Wilder has improved the value of his squad more than Sean Dyche over the last decade.
Sean DycheSean Dyche
Sean Dyche

Wilder has increased his squad's value by a staggering 1,775.4%, according to the European Football Index, a study by BetVictor.

That figure is the highest of any current Premier League manager by some distance, and the seventh biggest value increase in Europe's top divisions over the last 10 years.

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During his five years in charge, Wilder has taken Sheffield United's value from £7.66million to £143.6million, ahead of Dyche, who has the second best record on squad value improvement, with an increase of 535.2%.

Dyche's squad, back in 2013, was valued at £22,795,781, and was as high as £204,525,000 last season, dropping to £173,210,000 this.

Nuno Espirito Santos has the third best record, taking his team's value from just over £80million to over £300million, while Jurgen Klopp and Dean Smith complete the top five.

At the other end of the spectrum, David Moyes' West Hame have lost the most value, with squad worth dropping by 23.9% since he took charge, while Jose Mourinho has also seen Spurs' value drop by 15.8%.