New Burnley FC manager Sean Dyche: ‘maximum effort, honesty, integrity, pride and passion’

NEW Clarets boss Sean Dyche is drawing from the best in the business as he looks to take Burnley forward.

As he prepares for his first game at the helm at home to Wolves on Saturday, the former Watford chief spoke of his philosophy and the way he wants his side to play.

Dyche is eager not to be a template boss - to evolve and be open to change.

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He worked under Brian Clough as a young professional at Nottingham Forest, while he also admires the likes of Brendan Rodgers and the special one, Jose Mourinho: “First things first, we want to instil a culture that suggests minimum requirement is maximum effort, honesty, integrity, pride, passion...

“The team will sweat in the shirt.

“Within that, we want to play free-flowing football, we want to attack, score goals and be defensive when we need to be, and do the ugly things better in transition.

“It’s encapsulating all that.

“The ethos has to be flexible. If you look at the best, when Mourinho plays Barcelona, he doesn’t think he’s going to outpass them, he comes out with a game plan.”

And he spoke of his beliefs: “There’s many different influences, I came through at Forest and believed in what I learned there, and nowadays everything is important, diet, fitness, organisation, tactics, set pieces, counter want to tick as many boxes as you can, so when the players get out there, they’re ready to deliver a performance.

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“Brendan Rodgers was another influence, Brian Clough, Ray Lewington, John Duncan at Chesterfield on limited resources.

“I had to work with similar resources in my last job, but this job has slightly better resources and better technical-style players.

“It’s about using as many influences as you can gather, the more you learn, the more you put into your box of tools, the more chance you have off success.”

And all his players and staff will have their input - while certainly knowing who is boss.

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Dyche has already handed his squad a questionnaire for their views, as he explained: “I think it’s important if you’re going to be flexible and open-minded, you’ve got to find ways of knowing what you’re dealing with.

“You can have perceptions and assumptions, but you don’t know, so I believe in extracting information.

“That will be an ongoing thing, analysing things and working with the players, but they will know I am the manager.

“Immediately it’s about getting the players going the way we want to go, but I’ve been speaking to Pash, who’s been brilliant, very open, very honest, which I like.

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“He’s been terrific and is part of what we do, as with any staff member.

“I believe in respect. You can say anything about anyone, as long as you say it the right way.”

There will be a clean slate for his players, as long as they buy into the team mentality: “The team is a team for a reason.

“Goalscorers get the headlines, but I’ve been talking to the back four about different principles and ways of learning, and they won’t get any thanks for some of the work they do, but the fans notice when people and playing well.

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“There’s a number of very talented players here, and we want to be flexible and add in to that.

“Everyone has a chance at any club of doing what they want to do, we can only guide them towards what we think is right and proper for themselves and the team.”