Maxwel Cornet playing with a smile on his face - despite Sean Dyche's 'no snoods' rule in training!

To quote former Clarets boss Stan Ternent, Maxwel Cornet is playing with a “chuckle in his boots” at Burnley.

Thursday, 11th November 2021, 10:30 pm
Maxwel Cornet

The Ivory Coast international – currently away with his country ahead of World Cup qualifiers with Mozambique on Saturday, and Cameroon on Tuesday – has been an instant hit at Turf Moor.

And his smile tells you how much he is enjoying life in his new surroundings, after moving from Lyon in August.

You would expect a player of any ability to take time to acclimatise, but Cornet has scored four goals in five Premier League starts, and given the side a new dimension.

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And Sean Dyche explained how that has been possible: “Well, we had a look at what he’s about and his past, we did a profile on him.

“We then had a chat with him about who he is.

“I said to him ‘first things first’, when he was all excited and wanted to train and play, ‘let’s get you into the best hotel we can, we’ll find a house for you the best we can and make sure your family is okay’.

“Then we explained to him the first thing is to enjoy it, just enjoy it. He was smiling and I said ‘exactly’.

“Then we told him we would ease him in.

“At the minute it’s very limited what we’re doing with him, because the language barrier is still there, although it’s getting better, so a lot of it is visual.

“But he’s been at Lyon, he’s played in some high-level competitions, he can adapt, so he understands his own game, it’s just getting him used to what we do.”

Getting used to new teammates, a new way of playing and the Premier League – which many feel is the most high-tempo league in the world – is one thing.

But with the clocks going back, and the temperature dropping, Cornet is also finding out what is allowed in training to stay warm!

Dyche, when he took over at Turf Moor just over nine years ago, famously stopped players training in anything they couldn’t play in when it comes round to game time.

And he has had to dash Cornet’s hopes of a snood at Gawthorpe: “He’s had a very good start.

“There’s no pressure on him, it’s just a case of go and enjoy it, and so far he’s enjoying it.

“The other day he was desperate for a snood, and I said ‘no, you can’t have a snood, no, you can’t have a hat, just gloves’.

“So he’s getting used to that.

“The simple rule is this – you’re not allowed to play in them. That’s the rule. It’s just common sense, it’s not about telling him off.

“If they change the rules and you can play in a snood, help yourself.

“But until they do, no snood!

“I don’t know too much about the weather in Lyon at this time of year, but I expect it will be milder.”