Jones - Clarets have to be more ruthless

Midfielder David Jones feels Burnley have to be more ruthless this season in the Premier League.

Friday, 12th August 2016, 7:04 pm
Updated Friday, 12th August 2016, 8:09 pm
David Jones, right, celebrates promotion with Scott Arfield
David Jones, right, celebrates promotion with Scott Arfield

Two seasons ago, often it was a case of producing a good performance, but not taking the points.

Arguably the Clarets' best display of the campaign came in a 3-1 defeat at Old Trafford against Jones' former club Manchester United, where Burnley pressed the life out of the Reds, only to concede from two corners and a penalty.

Last season, Sean Dyche's men found a way to win when not at their best, and Jones hopes they can take that up a level in the top flight: “We've all taken our game on to new levels and developed as the club has developed.

David Jones, right, celebrates promotion with Scott Arfield

"There's another challenge this season that we need to take on. I'm just looking forward to playing PL football again.

"You've got to appreciate it but we're not here to make up the numbers and to just play well and not quite get the result. I felt last time there was a bit of that feeling of, 'oh, we've played really well against Man United away but didn't get the result'.

"That's not good enough. We feel that we've moved on from that and results are the main priority. "I'm not naïve in thinking you can't take positives from good performances, especially away at any club in the PL, but we need to learn from our mistakes last time. I felt we played a lot of good games but we didn't come away with any points and that's what we want to try and improve on this time.”

Burnley took four points off champions Manchester City, drew with United, Chelsea and Spurs, but a failure to win in the first 10 games was costly: "I just think as the season developed, it was the same old story, we played well and got beat, or played well and got a draw at home or something. "It starts to wear thin.

David Jones, right, celebrates promotion with Scott Arfield

"Last time the first 10 games were a bit of a bedding in period, where we were thinking 'are we good enough? I'm not quite sure.'

"This time we've got a lot more experience."

Burnley ended the run of 10 without a win by beating Hull City and Stoke back to back, and Jones explained: "I think we had a meeting and all got a few things out on the table, and it was a bit of a progress meeting.

"The manager does them all the time, it wasn't a crisis meeting.

"We got two wins in a row. I'm not saying that was the reason behind it, but sometimes being open and talking about certain areas seems to clear the air.

"It can re-motivate and realign you. When you're getting beat, which sometimes in the Premier League can happen, you need to re-gather yourself and align everyone's thinking.

"The manager is very good at that."

The likes of Leicester, Bournemouth and Watford have shown you can take the big boys on at their own game, and Jones admitted: "The mentality of the smaller clubs has changed. Teams were beaten before a ball was kicked, so it seemed, at Old Trafford when I was a kid, but a lot of clubs fancy their chances and have more belief. We need to learn from that and go with that mentality.

"I feel as a squad we've all moved on from that, after the game, if you've gone in with the right mentality, attacked, believed, and sometimes it doesn't work for you, but you can live with yourself. I can certainly.

"If you have that over a season, more often than not you'll get the right result."