‘It is just a very unfortunate incident’ - Burnley boss Sean Dyche responds to criticism of captain Ben Mee after Aston Villa striker Wesley is ruled out for the season

Sean Dyche passed on his best wishes to both Aston Villa striker Wesley and former Clarets skipper Tom Heaton after the pair were ruled out for the season with knee injuries suffered in the 2-1 win at Turf Moor on New Year’s Day.

However, Dyche came to the defence of captain Ben Mee, who has come under fire on social media for his challenge on Wesley from some Villa fans, and Liverpool supporters still bearing a grudge at his tackle on Joe Gomez in December 2018, which indirectly led to the Reds defender also being injured.

Dyche said: “What I do know is that firstly we wish both players well, Tom Heaton as well who has got an injury. It is a real shame and we wish them both well.

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“I think the player (Wesley) actually after it all calmed down said 'this is football, and this is the way it goes', and there were no questions of anything other and nor should there be.”

There was no free kick given following Mee’s challenge on Wesley, with VAR not intervening either, and Dyche added: "It was a simple case really. Arguably one of the country's best referees gives a goal kick and VAR gives nothing.

“It is just a very unfortunate incident, I don't think people would be asking if the outcome wasn't that someone got injured, I think that is the truth of it.

“I think most people in football if there was no injury would be saying 'really good covering, really good defending and it being the honesty of a player doing a good job.'”