Is it nearly full time for the Sean Dyche mural?

The marvellous mural of Burnley manager Sean Dyche, an instant hit with fans when it appeared in May, could be demolished as part of plans to create a new homeless centre.
Sean Dyche mural in Burnley. Photo: Kelvin StuttardSean Dyche mural in Burnley. Photo: Kelvin Stuttard
Sean Dyche mural in Burnley. Photo: Kelvin Stuttard

The mural, painted on the side of a wall near to the Mitre pub in Westgate by graffiti artist Paul Jones, may have to come down after planning permission was granted to Calico to build a new centre for vulnerable people on the site.

The Calico Group has received planning permission for a new, state of the art wellbeing project in Burnley that will provide support and training to homeless and vulnerable people.

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However, the future of the Dyche mural has still to be decided.

Wendy Malone, Calico Group head of Development, said: “We know that the mural is popular. We are excited about the new building – we’re reviewing all options and are currently in discussions with the artist.”

Permission for the development of The Mitre scheme was approved by Burnley Borough Council’s planning department during a public meeting on Thursday.

The new facility, which would be built on Mitre Street, will be specifically designed to ensure services improve people’s health and wellbeing.

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It will also develop individuals’ skills and employability, and support them to move on to permanent accommodation.

There will be 30 self-contained rooms, with space for community projects and training.

The scheme will provide more modern and improved accommodation than the Elizabeth Street Project, Calico’s existing homeless facility since 2004, which has helped thousands of people and families to get back on their feet.

Work on the development will be completed by late 2017, and services will continue at the existing site in the meantime.