Gary Parkinson returns home from hospital after stomach problems

Ex-Clarets defender Gary Parkinson has returned home ahead of schedule after developing a stomach problem.
Gary ParkinsonGary Parkinson
Gary Parkinson

The Wembley match-winner, who has locked-in syndrome after suffering a stroke in September 2010, was expected to remain in hospital for a few more weeks but as of Tuesday evening, has been allowed to return home.

It comes after the recent testimonial for Brett Ormerod, some of the proceeds of which will go towards a fund, the Gary Parkinson Trust, set-up to help the Head of Youth coach recover.

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A spokesman for the group said: "The Gary Parkinson Trust are delighted to announce that after a spell in hospital with a stomach injury, Gary has finally returned home on Tuesday evening.

"Gary was expected to stay in hospital for a few more weeks, but with a dedicated family and Gary's determination, Parky was allowed to continue his rehabilitation from home, and is only expected to return to hospital for a planned check-up in the coming weeks.

"Parky himself has asked us to pass on his thanks to all of his supporters, and the messages they have sent to him directly or through social media, they have certainly helped him to remain positive.

"It was a joy to see the smile on his face at home last night!"