Former Clarets skipper backs Dyche as future England coach

Former Clarets skipper Frank Sinclair believes Sean Dyche could be a future England boss.
Frank SinclairFrank Sinclair
Frank Sinclair

And the 46-year-old feels Dyche's forthcoming experience in the Europa League with Burnley will only enhance his reputation.

Sinclair was signed by Steve Cotterill in the summer of 2014, having left Leicester City, and the former Chelsea man made 102 appearances in three seasons for the club, scoring once.

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And, speaking to, Sinclair said of Dyche's England chances moving forward: "I definitely think he can be. He’s certainly building a reputation for himself, and every manager wants to try and reach the pinnacle, to continuously challenge and push them self as far as possible.

"I think the opportunity is a long way away from where he is now. He’s doing a fantastic job at Burnley, but to manage at an international level he’ll have to have a vast experience across managing in not just the league, but European competitions as well.

"He’ll keep building on his own career and I don’t see further down the line why he couldn’t be England manager."

Sinclair insists Dyche would have been named Manager of the Year for his achievements in any other season, had Pep Guardiola not smashed records in claiming the Premier League title and Carabao Cup with Manchester City: "He’s been progressing the club over the last four years and on any other season he would have won it, and deservedly so.

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"However, you can’t ignore what Pep Guardiola has done this year, breaking so many different records at Man City and it’s unfortunate at potentially he’s best year at the club, that’s happened. Dyche will be looking at the bigger picture and seeing how he can improve himself and the club as a whole."

But Sinclair wonders how long Burnley can hold onto a manager who has transformed the club in five and a half years at the helm: "He’ll be ambitious, but he’s happy at the club and I don’t think he’ll just take any job that comes Obviously, if an opportunity comes to go to one of the bigger clubs, he may take it.

"There’s a certain category of clubs who would recruit Dyche, but I don’t think he would get anywhere near the top four, as they have a certain remit that they look for.

"I think Dyche could manage any club between fifth and 10th, and when the right job comes along, I’m sure he’ll look at it.

"I think he’s very focused on progressing Burnley Football Club as a team, and I don’t think he’d take a job where he hasn’t got a realistic chance of being successful."