First AiSCOUT trialists to arrive at Burnley this week

The first two trialists will arrive at Barnfield this week to be assessed by Burnley scouts and coaches following a successful global talent search using artificial intelligence via the AiSCOUT mobile app.

More than 12,000 aspiring footballers across 125 different countries completed virtual trials via the app, with 28 youth prospects now identified.

And a player from London and one from Wales will have extended week-long trials this week.

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In January, the Clarets became the first Premier League club to launch such a talent search,and scouts identified 28 prospects for the academy, with four exceptional players aged 17-22 selected for extended week-long trials at the club.

Twenty four other players identified through AiSCOUT are to be assessed in a trial game in front of Burnley scouts.

The other two hopefuls will take be assessed at the end of the season, with one UK eligible player currently playing football in the United States college system.

The 24 players to be invited to in a live game will include footballers from the USA, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia and New Zealand.

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Around a third of those who used the app were from the UK with the USA and Belgium the next most represented. As a truly global talent search, entries came from China, Belarus, Kenya, Bangladesh, Republic of Congo and Belize.

Following on from this successful trial, Burnley will launch a second wave of virtual trials on the AiSCOUT app which will also be open to female footballers for the first time next season.

Alan Pace, Chairman of Burnley F.C, said: “Launching AiSCOUT in January was our first opportunity to introduce new technology to the football club and increase our academy’s footprint beyond Lancashire. I am delighted that the first phase of trials has been a success and look forward to seeing the first trialists arrive at Barnfield this week.

“With thousands of entrants from over 125 countries, I think this is a great example of how we can expand our club’s reach around the world, by making it relevant to football fans and providing them with an opportunity to engage with the club.”

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Burnley FC U23 Head Coach, Steve Stone, added: “We looked very closely at the data presented by AiSCOUT and felt that 28 players warranted closer assessment at the club’s academy, with four players of particular interest, given their exceptional performance in the virtual trials.

“Traditional methods of youth scouting have been challenging during the pandemic, so the addition of online trials and artificial intelligence has been a great additional tool for us, as well as expanding our scouting ability outside of the club’s traditional catchment area.”

Darren Peries, Founder and CEO of AiSCOUT, said: “We are incredibly proud of the depth and quality of the talent we’ve been able to identify through this first global trial, and look forward to following the invited trialists’ progress over the next few months.

“It is great to be working with an innovative club like Burnley, who are seeing the benefits of new technologies to potentially identify the Premier League stars of the future.”

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