Fan’s outrage over ‘health and safety’ plan to take down memorial bricks

A Burnley fan is fuming over plans to remove a section of commemorative bricks at Turf Moor.

Memorial bricks at Turf Moor which are to be removed.
Memorial bricks at Turf Moor which are to be removed.

Tony Sturgeon (34) bought the brick back in 2003 in memory of his brother, Matthew, who died at the age of 21.

It now sits alongside more than 300 other bricks on the “Burnley Football Club Wall Of Legends”, which is located near to the entrance of the Jimmy McIlroy Stand.

However, officials at the club say the bricks must now come down for health and safety reasons.

When a concerned Tony, who lives in Cromer Grove, Burnley, asked what this meant for his family’s match day memorial, he was given the following reply: “The bricks must be removed as they are becoming unsafe and a safety hazard. The club is offering fans two choices: Fans who have purchased a brick in this area in the past will have the choice to have their brick removed, which they can then keep, and receive a £30 voucher to be used towards the cost of a new ‘Forever Claret’ marble stone. However, when removing the existing bricks there is naturally no guarantee that they will not break.


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“Alternatively, all fans who wish to retain the existing location will have their inscriptions replaced on a yet-to-be confirmed replacement, which consolidates all such ‘bricks’ into one area.

“The club and manufacturers are absorbing this cost.”

Tony said he could not understand why the club were removing the bricks and said he was not interested in one of the marbles stones, which he was told cost between £50 and £300.

“Basically, they’ve decided to take down these bricks and haven’t even decided what they are going to replace them with in that area. I won’t be getting a marble stone on principle. A lot of people have been annoyed by this. I’ve worked in the building trade and there’s nothing wrong with those bricks. If they take them off though they will definitely break because they are so thin.


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“It’s the perfect tribute. Every match day I visit his memorial brick with my two sons who were very young when he died so it keeps him in their thoughts.

“I find it devastating to think that the club sees fit to remove our memorial brick for safety reason and being in the trade I find this laughable.

“Would the club see fit to remove his headstone because that’s how it feels to us, the bricks should be left as they are. It’s just not acceptable.

“We were told when we bought the brick that it would be a permanent fixing and a great way to remember a loved one so stick to your word and leave them were they are.”