Dyche's pride as Keane is capped by England

Michael Keane's England debut is another marker that Burnley are heading in the right direction.

Thursday, 23rd March 2017, 1:14 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:08 am
Sean Dyche
Sean Dyche

After a 42-year gap from the Clarets' last senior England international, with skipper Tom Heaton following in the footsteps of Martin Dobson, Keane made it two in under a year.

Burnley are closing in on survival in the Premier League at the third attempt, while the players returning from international duty - seven this week - will return to the new £10.6m Barnfield Training Centre.

Dyche signed Keane from Manchester United for £2m in January 2015 after an initial loan, with Keane having seen his way to regular first team football barred at Old Trafford.

He has developed into a top class centre back in his time at Turf Moor, and Dyche said: "I read something the other day about it being his first season in the Premier League at Burnley - it isn't. "He came here two years ago. People soon forget, there has been a depth to his development. It's not been overnight.

"Sometimes it's misrepresented about some of these players. It takes time sometimes for these players to develop into what they are going to be.

"And unfortunately, due to the harsh side of football, managers don't always get time to see these players develop long term.

"I've been fortunate we've had success enough to allow me the chance to hopefully rub off on some of these players, including my staff and the work they do with them. Keano's a good example of that, (England goalkeeper) Tom Heaton is another one.

"It's not just those two. But they are quite obvious about how they have moved forward with their own careers, how they have moved forward with Burnley, and are now being recognised on the international scene."

Dyche takes great pride in developing every player who comes through the door and takes pride in those below the radar: "There has been so many good development stories here from in-house, and it's not always the ones that catch the eye.

"I am proud of them, of course, but I'm proud of all of the different players, I'm proud of all the different departments and how they work here and what the club has become. I'm proud of the whole lot.

"It's not about a few individuals within it. They are part of the overall feeling of pride in what Burnley Football Club stands for now as opposed to what it did four-and-a-half years ago when I first came in."