Dyche: We're not one of the financial superpowers of the Premier League!

Sean Dyche joked that the Clarets certainly weren't one of the financial superpowers of the Premier League following comments made by Newcastle United boss Rafa Benitez.
Newcastle United manager Rafa BenitezNewcastle United manager Rafa Benitez
Newcastle United manager Rafa Benitez

The Spaniard was quoted last year, following a 3-0 defeat to Watford at St James' Park in November, suggesting that the Magpies are unable to compete on the same footing as the Clarets in the transfer market.

The former Liverpool, Chelsea and Real Madrid boss had said: "We need to know who we are, and where we are.

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"It can be worse if we start questioning everything, the reality is the reality.

"You can lose against the top teams, we have to compete against Huddersfield, Brighton, or Burnley, but we couldn't sign players that they signed. We couldn't pay the wages that they paid, so that is what we have.

"I can tell you a couple of players in each team that maybe we could have signed, but we couldn't pay the wages, or we couldn't pay the transfer fee, or whatever."

Burnley make the trip to Tyne and Wear this evening to tackle the Magpies in the Premier League, with both clubs having added one loan signing apiece while the Clarets have made one permanent capture.

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Georges-Kevin N'Koudou has arrived for a temporary spell from Spurs while Aaron Lennon's move from Everton was confirmed just over a year ago.

Meanwhile, Benitez has added Brazilian Kenedy to his ranks after the midfielder made a loan move from Chelsea.

"I have ultimate respect for all these managers and all of their situations," confirmed Dyche. "Everyone has a different challenge. Pep's got a challenge - he's got to win, because last season they didn't. He's got to win. That's a massive challenge.

"I've got my challenges - staying in the Premier League and making the books work. That's two challenges.

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"Rafa will have his challenges - getting in to the Premier League and now can you stay there? I don't get involved in the judging and the debating just because of the respect.

"One thing I know, 100%, in this industry as a manager, no matter what club you're at there'll always be somebody thinking above the realities.

"There'll be someone thinking 'we should be doing this, we should be doing that, we should be signing them', so every manager regardless of the level will have all those challenges.

"They'll have opinions to face. I won't be judging any manager. I will add that I would be surprised if Newcastle United Football Club can't compete with us on a financial basis. I would be very surprised. I don't think we're the giants of spending."