Dyche is a rare breed in the modern game

Sean Dyche admits he is a rare breed in the modern game.

Tuesday, 28th March 2017, 9:20 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:21 pm
Sean Dyche

Where a number of clubs at the highest level now employ a technical or sporting director as a buffer between the boss and boardroom, Dyche is a manager in the true sense of the word - managing multiple facets of the club.On top of selecting the team and tactics, training and coaching his players, unlike many modern day bosses he stands or falls by his signings, and carefully manages his budget.And he has had a huge input into the new Barnfield Training Centre, which the club have moved into this week.There are many pros and cons for the system, but Dyche feels he has the best of both worlds as Burnley continue to make progress: "I don't judge ourselves against others, just against us, what are we hoping for, working for, trying to build, what we're doing off the pitch, with the wage bill, the players."It's a whole collective view, and I'm one of the rare managers who has a shout in all of those things."Football is changing, it's a different world to what it was 10 years ago."We've been quite aligned with our thinking."There's a balance to the reality of what Burnley Football Club is about."I've been here long enough to have a chance to build, and that's been an individual process as regards this club. Other clubs go their own way, so I'm not here to judge anyone or other football clubs."He added: "I think there still is a healthy balance, most people gave us no chance this season, apart from ourselves and our fans, so there's a reality within that, but we haven't done anything yet, we've laid a marker and still have work to do to make sure we're in the division on an ongoing basis."And the players are humble enough to know the reality - they know that every one of these games is a big challenge."They go out there and give everything, and that's the minimum requirement - we certainly have players who will do that, and the manager and staff."