Dyche: Ipswich deserved win

Clarets boss Sean Dyche had no complaints after Burnley’s search for a first win of the season continued at Ipswich Town.

Wednesday, 19th August 2015, 9:28 am
Sean Dyche

Town claimed a 2-0 win with second half goals from Freddie Sears and David McGoldrick, and Dyche felt the hosts were worth their victory, once the Tractor Boys had broken the deadlock.

Burnley had first half chances as Michael Kightly hit the post, and Jelle Vossen spurned a clear opportunity, but Dyche said: “Overall I thought they deserved it, after the first goal.

“I thought up until the first goal there wasn’t much in it, we hit the post and Jelle Vossen had a good chance, and we dealt with a lot of the ball that comes into your box from everywhere.

“After the goal they were the better side and deserved to win.

“We played our own football to open up some good chances, but there was nothing in it until the goal.

“Their anticipation, their work ethic, across the front line in particular, changed after the first goal, and they were the better side from there on in.

“We’re transitioning our of a different league, and we’ve lost some big players. It’s important the players understand that, the growth is for them, and we want the players we’ve brought in to transition into the team.

“It’s a different style of football and different challenge every week, and it’s important they refocus on what the Championship offers very quickly.”

And Dyche added: “You can never guarantee goals change games, but it’s often the case, and it’s a reminder of the different challenges of the Championship.

“I can’t rememberin the Premier League the left badck throwing the ball in from 45 yards away, and I mean that sincerely, that’s a different thing. It’s a great weapon for Ipswich, and they’re using it.

“It’s important the players remember and adapt. After the first goal I thought we were caught whether to play, to pass it forward, to fight, and our anticipation wasn’t quite as good.

“Theirs was. Before that we’d had good chances, and they’d had huff and puff chances, no real clear chances, and their keeper made a massive save at the end that would have made it more nervous.

“But overall, they deserved it.

“We opened up enough chances, but it’s a different feel. If you come down with three points from Saturday, but for referee’s decisions...but you don’t and it’s a tough place to come to anyway. Over the years they’ve had a very good home record and we we had some form of Bock until two years ago.

“It is transitioning into the different challenges and it’s important we do that quickly.”