Dyche hoping decisions even out for Clarets

Clarets boss Sean Dyche feels Burnley are due a break from the officials over the second half of the season.

Tuesday, 20th December 2016, 11:52 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:10 pm
Sean Dyche appeals for a decision at White Hart Lane

Dyche believes his side have been on the end of six “game-changing” decisions already this season, in their first 17 Premier League games.

The latest of which came on Sunday, as Spurs substitute Moussa Sissoko avoided a red card for a high and late challenge on Stephen Ward.

Moments later, the France midfielder went on to claim an assist in Danny Rose’s winning goal.

Dyche was dismayed after the game at White Hart Lane, with his side on course for at least a point with 20 minutes remaining.

He said: “You can only hope it evens out. There’s no angle to it, it’s just by chance we can’t seem to get the ones that really count.

“And it started in the first game of the season with Keano (Michael Keane) getting his shirt pulled (against Swansea City).

“He stands up and gets on with the game and doesn’t get the decision.”

Dyche feels his players continue to be punished for being too honest, but he won’t ask them to do anything different: “I don’t really want anything other than my players to play in the right manner.

“I think I know from years of playing, gamesmanship is different, I accept that.

“But there’s a difference between gamesmanship and simulation.

“I don’t really want our players to roll around on the floor. If you get caught in the box and go down, that’s different.

“Wardy, another day, another player would have rolled around on the floor, it goes off and our players surround the ref. We didn’t do that, but you don’t get the decision so it’s frustrating.

“It’s not for me, just play the game in the right manner.

“I don’t think our fans want to see our players roll around on the floor either.”